Metamediary, Dictionary definition

It's been argued by pundits that the Internet's destruction of distance would also result in the demise of middlemen. They point to what has already happened as a result of direct access to many types of offline businesses such as travel agencies, stockbrokers, and banks (a process economists call disintermediation). But online trading is so complex that it is creating a new breed of middlemen to ease the process of finding what you want. Professor Mohanbir Sawhney of Northwestern University calls them metamediaries and argues that they work in a virtual trading space called metamarkets that connect customers with the providers of goods and services they need to fill their needs
[Michael Quinion, World Wide Words]

At their heart, metamediaries are providers of trusted advice and information that customers need to make better decisions for a cluster of activities
[Business 2.0]

Customers have reduced transportation costs but increased search costs, giving rise to a new wave of middlemen - metamediaries - that will act as a trusted third party providing a single point of contact between customers and suppliers


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