Marketplace in a box

Metamediary have developed a web based marketplace for the provision of local services across a defined territory (eg UK). The marketplace can be adapted to work for any local service category from finding an electrician to a children’s entertainer.

Review engine

The review engine is central to the marketplace concept but can be used a module in its own right.

Opaque or Open listings

The system can be used in a closed way such that all contact between end user consumers and service providers is managed through the site. Alternatively an open listing provides tools and services for obtaining the required local service as an improved experience from calling different providers but the direct contact option remains for those who just want a phone number or email address to contact direct.

Own-branded service - PCIQ - UK Computer Support


At PCIQ our mission is to help home users and small to medium sized companies who have computer problems obtain PC support of the best quality and value. Our web based marketplace enables customers to find IT Professionals in a speedy and structured way. PCIQ has a nationwide network of IT specialists rated by our customers. Customers with IT support problems can access the service in a number of ways varying from simply requesting a local IT professional to contact them and make arrangements to come and help them through to choosing the IT professional based on their profile information and specifying the price they are prepared to pay for the job.